Timely Public Finances
The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit available to the community at large a dataset on fiscal indicators as balances, revenues, expenses, financing and public debt from the federal government, nonfinancial public corporations, financial public corporations, budgetary public sector and federal public sector, as well as federal transfers to states and municipalities.

Revenue, expenditure and financing of public sector Public Debt Public Sector Borrowing Requirements Other Items
Balance, Saving and Financing Budgetary Revenues Budgetary Expenditures Financial Position by Sector and Entity Coordination with Federal Entities Allocation and Execution of Expenditure Budget
Public Sector Debt Federal Government Debt Guarantees by the Federal Government
Federal Public Sector Central Government Sector Nonfinancial Public Corporations Sector Financial Public Corporations Sector Historical Balance of Public Sector Borrowing Requirements
External Debt of the Economy Outstanding External Debt of the Private Sector by Sources of Financing Amotization Schedule and Tables 15 and 16